COVID Statement: We prioritize life and safety above all. We will follow all local and state protocols that are in place at the time of the event. In addition, as of today, masks will be required to be worn.

What’s new?

What's New? For Who?

WAVE Changes by Conference

BWC Changes

Breakouts: Time
breakouts will be at 9:00AM and 2:00PM on Saturday

Health/Waiver Forms
A health form for youth will be available for download and should be completed for each youth that is coming. Please turn in a copy when you arrive at WAVE and keep a copy with your group.

Proclaim the Name
This is a youth preaching challenge in search of high school students with passion for sharing God’s word.

Interested students will prepare a 5-minute, Biblically-based message and video yourself preaching that message. Submit the video online by December 1. The submissions will be judged and the final 16 submissions will be notified. Those finalists will again be judged at WAVE 2022 with the winner sharing the stage on Sunday morning and receiving a $500 grant for their youth ministry.

If you are interested, please contact for more information.

No refunds for registrations.

Registration: Location Change
Registration tables at WAVE will be where BWC used to sell t-shirts in the front hallway. For Pen-Del, the location will be the same.

When you register, your group will be assigned a color that will match a zone in the Main Hall. Each session the colors will rotate so that every group gets a chance to sit in the front, middle and back of the hall. We have extra screens to make sure there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

A free t-shirt is included in each registration (one per person registered) for registrations completed by December 1. You will need to supply t-shirt sizes for each person you are registering. Shirts will be picked up at WAVE. There will be a limited quantity of additional shirts available for purchase – while supplies last!

PDC Changes

Breakouts: Registration
You will pre-register/select breakouts during the registration process. Please do not register anyone for more than one breakout per time slot.

Groups (adults & youth) are needed to help with Communion. How does it work?

During the registration process, indicate how many of your group would be willing to help with Communion on Sunday morning. You will be contacted and told where & when to report for Communion training, and Communion. You will sit normally at the beginning of the session, leave to help with Communion, and return to your seats when finished.

Groups (adults & students) needed to help with Greeters. How does it work?

Do you have high energy people in your group? During the registration process, indicate how many of your group would be willing to help with Greeting. These are the people who greet you with cheers at the door when you come in. You will be contacted and told where & when to report for the greeting shift. There will be seats reserved for you for the session for which you’re greeting.

A little new for Everyone! For BWC, this was called the Rock Shop. For PDC, this was called the Exhibit/Vendor Hall.

There will be LOTS of WAVE-branded merch available to purchase! This will be in the WAVE Pool. So when you arrive at WAVE, please send one person to registration and the others to the WAVE Pool.