COVID Statement: We prioritize life and safety above all. We will follow all local and state protocols that are in place at the time of the event. In addition, as of today, masks will be required to be worn.




Welcome Session

Youth MCs from Pen-Del and BWC joined forces to welcome and introduce attendees to WAVE. Worship was led by Urban Street Level and the key-note speaker Heather Flies preached a powerful word.


Youth Leader Training (ZOOM)

Youth pastor and author Heather Flies speaks on Youth Leadership.

Opening Session

This session includes prayer from the Youth MCS and a special music video from Apollo LTD.

Dish with the Bish (ZOOM)

Bishop LaTrelle Miller Easterling is a faithful,  prophetic woman of God and is the first African  American woman to be Bishop of the Baltimore-Washington Conference as well as the Peninsula-Delaware Conference. This breakout will allow you to discuss different topics with our Bishop. She will answer pre-submitted questions as well as take them from the floor. Please allow the youth to ask their questions first. This is a  wonderful opportunity to get to know our Bishop better. “Listen to counsel and receive instruction  so that you may be wise later in life.” Proverbs  19:20

Emotions & You Breakout (ZOOM)

This workshop will empower teens to take care of themselves by providing ways to manage stress, recognize the warning signs of depression and anxiety, and identify resources to find help.

Human Trafficking Breakout (ZOOM)

Presented by Araminta.

Youth and Youth leaders have great potential of intervening and preventing the injustice of child sex trafficking. Training tomorrow’s leaders with the following objectives is in the bullseye of Araminta’s mission: 

  • To understand human trafficking and how it effects our schools and community
  • To learn how to protect our youth from becoming victims of this crime
  • To respond if we know someone may know may be the victim of this crime or is suspected to be involved at any level.

This is a mature subject. Please be advised.

Closing Session

This session includes worship with Urban Street Level, a set with Christian ventriloquist Ryan and Friends, and another message from Heather Flies.

BWC Youth Ministry (BWC) (ZOOM)

Everywhere you look the world seems broken and in need of repair: environmental justice, health care, economic justice, human rights, unhealthy relationships, and areas of conflict and violence. Imagine what a different world could look like? Imagine the church making a difference? Imagine what YOU can do to make a difference. This interactive breakout will explore how you can help the UMC continue to make the world a better place.

CCYM Breakout (PDC) (ZOOM)

For Peninsula-Delaware Conference students who will be entering 8-12th grade in the fall of 2022 AND adults interested in volunteering. Learn more about what it means to participate in Pen-Del’s Conference Council on Youth Ministry.

Questions from the sharing of Heather Flies

What were some of the reasons given why Heather enjoys working with youth?

Heather lists 3 ways we deal with anxiety in our lives. Give a definition of each:

  • Performance
  • Relationships
  • Appearance

In which of these 3 areas do you find yourself dealing with anxiety (void) in your life and why?

Why are the areas above never enough when we make those 3 areas the foundation of dealing with those anxieties in life?

Where do we find our comfort and identity in life?

Which scriptures give you comfort or identity?